Hi, welcome to my site!

My name is Sam Creamer and I'm a software developer and maker from Montreal, Canada. I'm currently working for Bloom Search Marketing. I love to create and build side projects, which you can see below. Outside of computers, my hobbies include sports and aviation. You can find me on Twitter and GitHub. If you want to chat, email me at creamers.mtl@gmail.com.

Total Calc

Many calculators and utilites

Total Calc is a site that has many easy-to-use web tools and calculators.

Unit Conversion

Unit converter

Full fledged unit conversion web tool in several languages. Also has currency conversion.

Panda Conversion

Unit converter

Small case study site I wrote in early 2018. Has basic unit converting features.

Spell Numbers

Web tool

Online tool used to help users learn how to spell numbers in several different languages.

What Are The Factors?

Math aid

Small math tool that quickly gives the factors of a number.

Is Fortnite Down?

Fortnite status checker

Checks the status of fortnite servers. May not work very well.

LeBron vs Michael

Fun project

Vote on who the greatest basketball player of all time is (it's Lebron).

Random Pickers

Web tool

Simple tools that output (pseudo) randomly generated data.

R Score Calculator

Web tool

Tool for Quebec Cegep students to calculate their R Score. A bit outdated.